We build robust and yet highly flexible / customizable reporting solutions that support local specificities, culturally, functionally and technically.  We integrate reporting functionality directly into our customers' intranet, extranet and internet portals.  Our projects cover both fully automated and ad-hoc reporting.

We create solutions that use data from multiple and dynamic data sources with or without the use of a DWH.  We provide users with a highly flexible and yet intuitive report ordering user interface. 

We support multiple output channels and formats including secure printing facilities (like AFP and Swiss Post Services for ex.), web, secure email, fax, etc.  We build secure reporting solutions using user- and role-based mechanisms, single sign-on, LDAP, etc.

We deliver turn-key BI , RIA and portal solutions based on industry-standard commercial and open source software, with a special focus on Actuate, BIRT and Jasper.

We also perform complete Reporting process audits.




ReportingSoft is primarily a global presence, the employees of which are recognized for their expertise, mutually enriching their business and technology skills. In all their actions, they carry with them the group's core values​​: responsiveness, commitment, professionalism and performance. For ReportingSoft, the success of a project requires not only skills but also strong common values.