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Discover the latest version of Reporting Maestro: version 6


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ReportingSoft SA July 2015 Newsletter



Welcome to our new bi-monthly newsletter. The aim of this first newsletter is to present you with the latest on our innovative client reporting technology, and our IT consulting services.

ReportingSoft SA is a Swiss Software and IT consulting company, specialized in the area of reporting and Business Intelligence, and active in Switzerland and 5 neighboring countries.

We assist our clients throughout the entire IT life cycle, from the definition and implementation of an IT strategy to the definition and setup of IT processes and organizations.

We are specialized in the automation of the client reporting process; our main software, Reporting Maestro, is an integrated solution which drives the entire chain of production and distribution of client reporting.


Monthly news:

Reporting Maestro 6 launched!

We are proud to announce the launch of Reporting Maestro 6, the latest version of our ReportingSoft flagship product. This version of the product adds a new electronic document management functionality, a brand new user interface and an extended third-party products support.





Reporting BIRT Report Designer training sessions:

To promote and foster the use of the BIRT technology in the French-speaking Swiss IT market, ReportingSoft SA recently started a series of BIRT training sessions. These sessions cover all aspects of developing a report template (or report model) with BIRT Designer, as well as generating a report in various formats via the BIRT Engine.

Next session: September 14-16, 2015



Client satisfaction survey:

In May 2015, we conducted a large client satisfaction survey of our current customers. Today, we are pleased to announce the results of this survey.


 Monthly interview: 


This month, we interviewed our client Mr. L. R. IT systems integrator at Bank Bordier & Cie

ReportingSoft SA : "If you could summarize your collaboration with ReportingSoft SA in a few sentences, what would they be?"

Mr Lionel de R. Bank Bordier & Cie: "We have been using ReportingSoft SA consulting services for over 3 years, and their onsite work is always effective. Our Triple'A reports are 100% maintained and improved by ReportingSoft SA to our complete satisfaction. ReportingSoft operates with precision and caution, which is important to us because the production of client reporting is essential to our bank."


We thank our customers for their trust and business. They are our inspiration to continue innovating on a daily basis!

Best regards,

ReportingSoft SA Team



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ReportingSoft is primarily a global presence, the employees of which are recognized for their expertise, mutually enriching their business and technology skills. In all their actions, they carry with them the group's core values​​: responsiveness, commitment, professionalism and performance. For ReportingSoft, the success of a project requires not only skills but also strong common values.