Signing a new contract with Société Générale Display (SGA | APG) : migration of Oracle reports to BIRT reports

ReportingSoft SA wins its largest BIRT consulting contract with Société Générale Display (SGA | APG).


This partnership involves the implementation of migrating Oracle Reports templates’ migration  to BIRT. It is based on in-depth knowledge of ReportingSoft and BIRT, and includes the following points:

  • Development of high quality printing reports
  • Implementation of a unique know-how through a Java framework and a custom-made BIRT solution
  • Training users on the development of BIRT report

This project supplements the first two projects of Oracle reports migration at the beginning of the year.
This partnership helps SGA to simplify and accelerate the Oracle templates’ migration and develop a solution closed tobased on the BIRT framework.


Our Clients

Here are some of the clients that have chosen to trust us :

  • Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank

  • Société Générale

    Société Générale

  • Banque cantonale de Fribourg

    Banque cantonale de Fribourg

  • BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas

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